Privacy Policy

Stewart Heating & Cooling – Privacy Policy

On this website we actively accept your requests for repair or replacement through a variety of contact forms which enable customers to contact us quickly and easily. It’s important to us that our customers know what happens when their information is submitted or e-mailed to Stewart Heating & Cooling and that their privacy is of utmost concern to us.

What We Do With Your Personal Information:

We will use the information provided to us through our web forms to contact you directly by whatever means listed in an effort to schedule a repair or replacement appointment. We will only contact you when pertinent to past, current or future services performed or to be performed between yourself and Stewart Heating & Cooling and a part of our provider/client relationship.

What We Will NOT Do With Your Personal Information:

Your personal information submitted to us via web form, which may include email address and phone number should you provide it, will never be shared or sold with any other company or organization. The information you provide online will only be used to contact you as it pertains to your relationship with Stewart Heating & Cooling. We respect your privacy and we would never do anything to infringe on that.

If you have any questions, please call Stewart Heating & Cooling directly at (248) 549-0400. Back to Stewart Heating & Cooling Home